Behind the Session

Many of my clients want me to come to their home to take pictures of their loved ones.  These sessions always have me worried for days in advance.  I can’t stop wondering ‘What does their home look like?’ ‘Will there be enough room to take pictures?’ ‘Enough light?’.   I do my best to prepare my clients for the session and bring lamps and backdrops, but I still can’t help but worry.

Going into my latest session was no different.  While I have worked with Ryleigh and her family several times before, I still couldn’t shake this feeling of worry, but upon my arrival I was able to feel my anxieties slip away.  Ryleigh’s parents are great people, nice and down-to -earth.  That always helps.  They also listened to my advice about room and lighting set up.  They had a great, open wall ready, with a huge amount of natural light streaming in.  I brought a few props along, and we set up our shoot.  While Ryleigh’s Mom had ideas for the pictures that she wanted, and she listened to my ideas as well.  In the end, we ended up with some really fun pictures.

What I think some of my clients don’t realize when booking me, is that each session takes effort from not only me but the client as well.  Taking my pre-session advice about attire and location always helps, but isn’t always enough.  Working with positive clients with session ideas and open minds allows for a collaboration resulting in some great photographs.


(In this picture, we are trying to get Ryleigh to smile by playing with the balloons.  I couldn’t help but snap a photo of that static electricity on her head.)


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