Getting in Front of the Lens

As a photographer, I think it is good practice to put myself in my client’s shoes.  When doing a recent tea party shoot , I got dressed up and asked my friend to snap a few photos of me.  As soon as the camera was pointed at me, I had no idea what to do with myself and I was overcome with anxiety.  I had to ask, “What should I be doing with my face?” “Do I look okay?” “How should I pose?”  Getting photographed can be hard.  I had to rely on and trust my photographer, which can seem scary.

What’s even scarier is editing photos of myself.  It’s true what they say; “you are your worst critic.”  Looking through the photos, I hated every image of myself.  I then had to stop and go through my pictures again, trying to pretend that I was looking at a stranger and see my positives. I only hope that when receiving their images, my clients see what I see and are not too hard on themselves.

In the end, I think I came out with some good shots.  I now remember how scary it can be to be a photography client and hope to keep these thoughts in mind and put my clients at ease during my upcoming (1 of 6)

me (6 of 6) me (4 of 6)


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