Image Hoarding: Is that a thing?


This is just one of the many photos that have been sitting in a dated file on my computer, only to have been looked at once or twice since the day it was taken.  I am guilty of taking my camera everywhere, snapping dozens of photos, and storing them on my hard drive with no purpose in mind.  I’ll open up Lightroom, flip through the photo reel, play around with edits, and maybe export a few of my favorites.  Most of these photos don’t get printed or uploaded into some fun Facebook album for my friends to see.  They just sit there on my computer, piling up like clutter in the house of one of those hoarders on the television.  There are days where I think ‘I know!  I’ll clean up and organize my photos.’  I might hatch away at a few folders, and delete a few crappy images, but the task never really gets done.  Honestly, I’ll probably never change, and I have accepted that (even if my husband hasn’t.)  But hey, I’ll know that when I am older and trying to recall all of my adventures, I can never say that I didn’t take enough photos.


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