Vintage Sneak Peak

v-0075Recently, a friend asked me to work with her on a project involving vintage clothing. I am a big fan of things old. I have spent many Saturdays at antique malls and flea markets.  I have been known to collect choice pieces for my home and even for photo shoots.  While I have always been inspired by vintage fashion, I have never collected it as much as I have furniture and other household items.  Needless to say, when Rachel asked me to join her, I was elated!



We are currently going through clothes, cleaning up items, and putting together outfits. We are even dressing up a mannequin, who Rachel has so lovingly named “Dotty”.  The inspiration is flowing, along with the customary girl talk.  So far, we are having a great time.  Of course, I felt that photo documentation was necessary and I’m excited to show off these behind the scenes images of our progress.  In the weeks to come, I hope to have some more involved details about our adventure and obviously some photos as well.  (Who knows, maybe we will have time for some stylized sessions.)



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