Putting my second-shooter to work.

Open N Shut photo really is a family business.  Not only do I love capturing families, but I am happy to enlist my own family (mostly my husband) for help when it comes to bigger sessions.  I am excited to say that the Open N Shut family is now growing by one more! Our little boy is due in less than 8 weeks, and I am looking and feeling very pregnant. I can admit that I don’t always love being pregnant, but I love the excitement of what it is about to come.

_MG_0047 _MG_0028 _MG_0108

Of course, I was wanting to capture this major life change with some maternity photos.  As a professional portrait photographer, I think it is great to get on the other side of the lens once in a while.  I get to put myself in my clients’ shoes.  I am always reminded how much there is to think about when you are trying to look good in a photo.  “Am I smiling? What do I do with my hands? Does this outfit really look okay?”  Of course, these are things that your photographer should be paying attention to as well.


I love this photo. There’s the whole family! (Kevin, me , and that not so little baby bump.)

I decided to enlist my go-to second shooter, my husband, to get a few shots of me.  His portrait photography skills have improved immensely over the past year or two.  But more importantly, He always gets the best pictures of me.  Why? Because, I am so comfortable and at ease around him. I have found that this is such an important quality in a photographer.

_MG_0031 _MG_0034

We decided to do a simple mini-session in our backyard before my baby shower. I only spent about 20 minutes in front of the camera, but I am so happy with the images that he was able to capture! As I continue to capture family milestones for my clients, I will be sure to keep you all up to date on our family adventures too.


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