My First Fashion Session

I recently took on a new client who designs and sells neck ties for women.   I was asked to not only photograph the neck ties, but help find models, stylists, and even appropriate clothing.  Being primarily a family photographer, coordinating a session like this was way out of my comfort zone, but that didn’t stop me from jumping at the opportunity.  Coordinating all of the participants, scheduling a day, and finding the right location was a lot of work.  I talked to my client about ideas and inspirations and did my best to keep her “in the know” every step of the way.

Finally, shoot day was upon and the weather forecast was calling for scattered thunderstorms all day.  In Ohio you just can’t count on the forecasters to be right!  I decided to go ahead with the shoot as planned and of course about a half hour before shoot time, the rain started to come.  I however kept a positive attitude, and decided that we would work in between the rain. Random showers delayed our session a bit, but the sun kept coming out and we were able to get outside and get some shots.


As I expected, working with models was completely different than working with my usual family or wedding clients. Instead of trying to capture real moments and emotions, I found myself directing my models and having more time to get the right shot.  I will admit that these girls made my job quite easy.  They were wonderful to work with.


During all of my sessions (family, wedding or fashion) I do my best to pay attention to outfit malfunctions and hair woes, but this was especially important for my client.  Having a fashion shoot means that the clothes, or in this case the ties, are priority number one.  Knowing this in advance, I hired an assistant to help me keep an eye on such things and even to tie all of the neck ties.  I was also so happy to have some extra input on posing and background imagery.


In the end, I was really happy with the way this session turned out.  My client also expressed her happiness, and that is what is most important.  I cannot wait to see these photos in a look-book and on her website. This was a totally new experience for me professionally.  While I’ll never want to take my main focus off of lifestyle photography, I would love the chance to do something like this again.


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